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Are both Booking Management and Full Service Management offered in every state?

​​Booking Management is offered nationwide and Full Service Management is currently offered in the following areas of Colorado:
Pitkin, Eagle, Garfield and Summit Counties.

​Is there a binding contract to get signed up with your services?

There is not a binding contract to list your home with Keylink. We do have a Vacation Rental Agreement that has to be agreed upon, as well as our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Keylink will professionally photograph your home and will pay 50% of all marketing fees for your year round vacation rental so we ask that you maintain your listing with us for a full year. In order to maximize your potential revenue we must grow your rental business, which can take a full year.

​How do I get started?

The process to get started is simple. Your Account Manager can enlist your home within a week if it is an existing listed vacation rental, and within a couple of weeks if it is not listed since we will need to create a unique, detailed listing for your home.

What happens if I need to cancel my Agreement?

No problem! If you need to cancel your Agreement we request that your provide us with a 60 day written notice so we may cancel your listing. Our only requirement is that you reimburse KeyLink for the remaining months of marketing expenses based on a 12 month term. In other words, we ask you to assume that prorated expense if you no longer require our services.

Does my home need to be a year round vacation rental?

In order to maximize your vacation home’s full earning potential, we prefer that it is available year round; although if owners would like use of their home for weeks or months on occasion that is not a problem. KeyLink reserves the right to cancel a homeowner contract if the home is frequently unavailable for bookings due to homeowner use. We also offer services to homeowners that prefer to rent out their home on a part time basis.

How is my home advertised?

We promote your home on all of the major vacation rental websites including VRBO, HomeAway,, Airbnb, and Trip Advisor’s Flipkey. We ensure your listing has the highest visibility possible resulting in increased bookings.

How is the nightly rate established?

KeyLink looks at nearby comparable rates to establish a competitive rate for your vacation rental. Prices are also based on the size of the home, the location, and the quality of the decor and furnishings. Prices may need to be adjusted throughout the year and during slower seasons to maximize the rental potential.

How do I get paid for my bookings?

Each month KeyLink will mail a check or transfer funds for the previous months bookings into your account, less credit card processing fees, our commission, supplies fees and any additional authorized owner expenses that the rental incurred, such as recommended basic staple replacements, light bulb or battery replacements.

​How do guests reserve my vacation home?

When a guest makes an inquiry or requests a reservation, the email comes directly to KeyLink. All reservations are made online, although we are always available by phone to answer any questions 7 days a week. Payments are made by credit card at the time of booking. Funds are deposited into a KeyLink account. At the beginning of each month, all booking fees, taxes, and cleaning fees (for Booking Management only) collected from the previous months’ reservations are directly deposited into your bank account, less KeyLink commissions.

Do you collect a damage deposit from each guest?

We do collect a refundable damage deposit or require that the guest purchase a Property Damage Protection Policy to cover any accidental damage caused to your property during their stay.  If we collect a damage deposit we will set an amount that you are comfortable with to ensure that your home is properly covered.

Do guests have to agree to a rental agreement?

Yes, all guests are required to agree to KeyLink’s Guest Rental Agreement and House Rules at the time of booking.

Does my vacation rental require a short term rental license?

It is up to the homeowner to secure a short term rental license if the city or town where your home is located requires one.

Does my homeowner’s insurance policy cover my rental?

It is up to the homeowner to find out if their policy provides coverage for short term rental guests and if not, purchase the proper coverage. The damage deposit that is collected at the time of booking covers damage to the property or theft, but does not provide personal harm or injury coverage for guests.

Do I need to pay lodging taxes?

We obtain all necessary business/sales tax licenses for your property for an initial set up fee of $50 plus the cost of the licenses.  We collect all required sales/lodging taxes from the guest and remit them on your behalf.

What am I required to have at my vacation rental?

Homeowners are required to provide a fully-functioning rental that is completely furnished and has a well stocked kitchen with functioning appliances, a coffeemaker, cookware and utensils, dishes, glasses, and silverware for as many as the home can accommodate. Your home will need a supply of 2-3 sets of bedsheets per bed, and plenty of bath and hand towels for the number of guests you can accommodate. A washer and dryer, vacuum cleaner, broom, dustpan, mop, ironing board, iron, hair dryer, first aid kit, extra light bulbs and batteries are required on site. For colder climates, a snow shovel and ice melt are a must. If your home has a barbecue grill, we ask that you keep the propane tank filled and provide a lighter and back up propane tank. A portable crib, highchair, and children’s books and toys are great additions to your vacation rental but are not required.

What consumable supplies should I provide for my guests?

For the convenience of your guests we provide an initial supply of certain consumable items including: coffee, coffee filters, non-dairy creamer, sugar, basic spices, cooking oil, dish soap, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, trash bags,food storage wrap,toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue, soap, shampoo and conditioner. With Full Service Management KeyLink keeps these supplies stocked for you for a set fee per guest stay. Additional items such as tupperware, bath salts, bathrobes and firewood are always welcome by guests as well.

What services are not provided by KeyLink?

For logistical reasons, KeyLink does not care for indoor and outdoor plants, offer lawn maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, trash removal, pool and hot tub maintenance. We are happy to refer you to service providers and assist with coordinating these services for you.

How is trash removed from my vacation rental?

We ask that you remain with your current trash service and we will request that guests staying in your home on trash pick up days take out the trash. If no one is staying in your home on pick up days you can set it out or arrange for someone to do it for you.

How are cleaning fees collected from the guest?

The cleaning fees are paid to KeyLink since we pay the cleaning company directly for their services. For Booking Management, the total cleaning fees collected are deposited directly into the homeowner’s bank account each month.

Does KeyLink help with maintenance calls or emergencies?

Yes, we will schedule any maintenance appointments, or dispatch emergency services upon request by the homeowner for a minimum charge of $25 per incident. We are happy to install light bulbs or perform battery replacement at no additional cost.

Who does the guest call in the event of an emergency?

KeyLink is the first point of contact for Full Service Management and the Local Host is the contact person for Booking Management. If there is a situation that must be dealt with immediately and we are unable to reach the owner, we will dispatch an emergency service provider at the expense of the homeowner.

Can I cancel any KeyLink reservations?

Homeowners must honor all reservations made through KeyLink. It is essential to notify us of any dates that your home is unavailable so that it can be blocked out before any reservations are made.

What if I have confirmed reservations when I list my home with your company?

Not a problem, for Full-Service Management we will reduce our commission to 12% to pick up where you left off and manage the remaining details. If you prefer to manage those reservations we will block those dates on your calendar and no charges will apply.